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Ituran Life Trak GPS RF Truck Tracking

If you own a business that utilizes a fleet of trucks to deliver goods all across the country, for instance, grocery chains, fast food franchises, etc., we can help you control and manage your vehicles. A GPS truck tracking device is a perfect solution for your business to reduce operational costs and increase profits.

Ituran LifeTrak is a pioneer and a major player in the GPS industry and offers a wide variety of real-time GPS truck tracking systems. These tracking systems are great for businesses in need of fleet management or for an individual. Ituran Life Trak has built a reputation for providing the most sophisticated devices to clients for vehicle tracking and recovery since 1995. Today, the company has over half a million units in service that are helping customers run their business more efficiently.

Truck ownership is a major investment in a business that utilizes them for day-to-day operations. Ituran Life Trak’s real-time GPS truck tracking systems, along with the associated computer software, enables you to pinpoint the location of a vehicle nationwide. The Ituran LifeTrak Fleet RF system utilizes private RF (radio frequency) technology, which uses sophisticated, proprietary algorithms to ensure accurate positioning readings for trucks not only in open areas, but also in locations covered by foliage or blocked by tall buildings. The Ituran LifeTrak RF vehicle tracking system is limited to Ituran LifeTrak's coverage area.

This GPS tracking system provides the ability to know if a company’s truck driver on the road is working or wasting company time and money. The system’s messaging can provide the information about ignition on/off status and custom reports can be generated to evaluate driver productivity by matching the stops detected by the Ituran LifeTrak system to the stops reported by driver’s route sheets. These monitoring and tracking features of this real-time GPS truck tracking system can help fleet management companies improve vehicle utilization, reduce operational costs and increase employee productivity.

Besides GPS truck tracking systems for fleet management, Ituran also offer a variety of truck tracking solutions for individual truck owners. These real-time truck tracking systems are geared for anti-theft protection. All of these systems can be customized based on an individual’s needs.

A large number of businesses such as cable companies, telephone companies, courier service providers, etc. have to invest heavily in a fleet of vehicles that are the backbone of these industries. Logically, this investment needs to be protected and managed as efficiently as possible. Ituran LifeTrak has all the solutions when it comes to security and management of your vehicles.

Ituran LifeTrak's fleet management GPS system is a cost effective solution, which allows you to locate your vehicles either over the Internet with Ituran LifeTrak Fleet Web or with Ituran LifeTrak Fleet, a standalone software system. This real-time information allows you to make instantaneous decisions regarding routing, scheduling and progress of all activities at customer locations. Ituran LifeTrak's fleet management GPS system is an effective tool for fleet management companies to improve vehicle utilization, reduce operational costs and increase employee productivity.

Besides fleet management GPS systems, Ituran LifeTrak also offers GPS vehicle tracking systems for individual car owners. These devices act like security guards, which can help prevent vehicle theft. Some of these products offer a real-time stolen alert option in vehicles equipped with anti-theft alarm systems.

Ituran LifeTrak has succeeded in helping our customers reduce vehicle thefts while increasing profits for business owners with fleet vehicles. In addition to providing the most sophisticated fleet management GPS devices, Ituran LifeTrak is also committed to providing the best in client support and service.

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